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Place List by type Edit


Parks etc ... Edit

EaQing Feng Lake (North Gate)

Swan Lake

flower park

Government square


Schools Edit

EaShane East

WsShane west



Shopping Edit

EaBai Hou Da Lu

EaSilver Plaza


Dong du market


44 store

Jin hua sheng da

Computer mall

Silver plaza foreign goods hong kong

Videogame store (tbr)

Xin Hua Bookstore (computer market)


Restaurants Edit

EaLeg of Lamb Place

EaBBQ Power

EaFood Street

EaBlue Horizon Buffet

EaHappy Lemon

Pizza place - make your own

Russian bbq

Ming jian

Silver plaza burger bar?

Mc donalds

KFCs: Dong San Lu

Pizza Hut: East (tbr)

Duo He (Zhong De Lai)


Nightlife Edit

EaWhiskey Bar

K dream





Wine Shop sheng tai lu


Activities Edit

EaKang Li Gym

EaOther Cheap Gym (up stairs to 3rd floor)

EaBlue Horizon Spa

Swimming pool bei er lu

Amusement park


Science museum

Opera house

WsArchery (up stairs to 3rd floor)

Go karting

Ski place?

Golf Club


Practical Edit

EaState Power Grid Office (Jin Chen)

Bus depot

Visa Office


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